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June 2022, Desmond launched their own clothing line with over 1,000 items. Be Amazing NYC is a queer-owned and operated small business specializing in inclusive clothing and accessories.


Get on the squad with Desmond and join BTYKWN! It's the first ever global glam squad for everyone. IF YOU DON'T FIT IN... STAND OUT!

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Teenager Desmond Napoles is a multi-awarded LGBTQ advocate, outspoken gay youth, genderfluid editorial and runway model, motivational public speaker, performer, designer, actor, singer, host and published author. 

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Desmond is Amazing is also the founder of their own online communities for LGBTQ and gender variant youth/teens and their allies, the Haus of Amazing and Haus of Amazing Jr as well as the Haus of Darlings, a supportive group for parents, guardians, educators, and supporters of LGBTQ, gender non-conforming and gender creative youth.


The communities will launch Fall/Winter 2022...stay tuned!

Desmond is Amazing We Are Amazing

Teen Drag Superstar Desmond Is Amazing Releases Debut Single “We Are Amazing” April 30th, 2021

Desmond is Amazing Be Amazing

"Be Amazing: A History of Pride" by Desmond is Amazing and Illustrated by Dylan Glynn now available for purchase



"Desmond is a true talent, following his spirit, merging art and fashion with
his unique spin. "

Malissa Young

"Desmond is evolved beyond his young years. He can beat that face, turn a look and stop you in your tracks with his fashion ensemble alone, but then factor in the talent this young star has and he is truly unstoppable. Can't wait to see where he goes!"

Aaron Kicks Ass

"Desmond is an amazing young performer! America’s #1 Drag Kid! "

KJ Johansen
KBJB Entertainment